Kashmiri’s Life in all in vain..
With Burhan Wani’s death,the Hizbul “commander” the more worst is that many more burhans started becoming in the valley..
During a firefight with security forces he was countered which led to an outrage of extreme violence and in that more than 30-40 were killed and about more than 200 till now have been injured.
There are security forces personnel also injured and some casualties .
What accounts for Burhan Wani’s popularity is in
the facts of his very brief biography, which is the
stuff of legend now.
In the most immediate sense he reacted to the
indignity of being beaten up by security forces
when he was 15 and the wanton killing of his elder
brother, who was not involved in armed insurgency,
some three years later.
Additional factors for the local admiration of this
charismatic figure may have been that he fended
for himself rather than rely on external forces and
explicitly declared that civilians — Kashmiri or
otherwise — would not be harmed and lived this
Why is this upsurge?
We need to look back in history the various upsurges of 1999,2000 till 2016..
The kashmiri people want their basic rights to live as a citizen of a state but due to legal ambiguities,political imbalance the people are just been given hollow promises.
The other indians should listen to their problems what they have to address.
It hurts India immensely, especially as it was India
that took the dispute to the United Nations, and
then chose not to honour the latter’s resolutions.
It was also India that struck a deal with Sheikh
Abdullah to define J&K’s partial accession to India
(as represented by Article 370 of the Constitution
of India) but then chose to systematically erode,
beginning in 1953, the substantive autonomy that
this implied.
The first commitment is explicitly international and
involves Pakistan.
The second is implicitly international in that it
involved a pact with a sovereign entity other than
I just want as a citizen of India that the government and the centre should make correct decisions and implement it.so that the people can live peaceful life.


4 thoughts on “Kashmir.

  1. The repercussions what India is facing now, is nothing but the result of the greed of power of Mr. Jwahar Lal Nehru. His appeasement of power made him blind ruler during the turmoil in kashmir in 1947 when, ill motivated pakistan attacked on kashmir. Drived by the fear of losing poeer, Nehru took the issue to UN first, this move of Nehru is still suffering India. The pages of history tell something different than usual.


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