Religion is the one of the most interesting,argumented,contraversial,dominant theme to discuss about from many years.
Intellectuals of this country have debated on religion talking from its roots of origin,considering various facts.
But why do we need so many religion?When there is only one god we say?
Our religious texts are so old, having details about the purpose of life.every religious book in itself tells how to pray,why to pray,the purpose of life but still we humans are the one which creates ambiguity in every aspect of life.
We say that we are one,god is one but then again fight over each other because of god,religions etc.
And the one who gives us reason to fight over god,religion is also the human.
Then where is god?is there really any god?
Or it is just that we humans have just made this god/religion thing for our own benefits.
Religious texts meanings are been taken into differently i think not positively but negatively.
We are humans this is the fact that we need to understand first.Then we are hindu,muslims,christians etc.
Today we say that we are civilized society but after remaining so many social issues like over religion we do fight.
We hate each others religions..(even if then that person is really nice his religion makes him to get hated by others)


For me my god,my religion is the mother nature who has taught me when i was first evolved in my mother’s womb.since then this nature has been continuosly teaching me everyday,every single moment,now too…
“Religious suffering is, at the same time, the
expression of real suffering and a protest against
real suffering. Religion is the sigh of the
oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world,
and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium
of the people . —  Karl Marx.
This definition is rich in crtical assesment, religion
which ought to be a channel for promotion of
peace, tolerance, understanding and cooperation is
now a weapon to fight.


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