Pampore Attacks..


On sunday 26,Eight CRPF men were gunned down by terrorist of terror group LET in pampore area near of srinagar.
This is the second time the attacks had been carried out in pampore.
The attacks could have been prevented.we need to think?
“The convoy of crpf was heading without SOP’s” defence minister Manohar Parrikar said.
CRPF Director general k.Durga prasad said during a press conference
“They (standard operating procedures) were
absolutely followed,” he said when asked to
comment on Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar’s
statement voicing doubt over whether the SOPs
were followed properly by the bus-borne CRPF
“I really have no comments to make on that…but
whatever SOPs are in position right now they
have been followed and that’s the reason why I
said that we will require and can have a look at
them again.”
The men fought with bravery and died with full honour..


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