How far can a child bear mental stress -A question?

This is a story about a boy.His family consisted of father,mother,sister and brother.Everyday there was quarrell using bad words between father & mother.He has been subjected to this kind of mental torture since childhood..
For ex:his mother used to ask him…a question..
He used to reply in a gentle way,then his mother used to say in a loud tone haven’t u eaten?(khana nahi khaya kya?) Again he used to reply in a slightly high voice then she used to say is this the manner u speak?(kya ye tameez hai baat karni ki)
Ab baat kare toh kaise kare.Now how should he talk so he stopped talking much.


The boy asked a many times not to drink to father but cannot succeed.One day  a quarrell between the boy and his drunk father about how to iron the clothes?
Everyday there was shouting,quarelling between the father and his mother.The boy was so depressed that it was for him the limit.That day as the boy was ironing the clothes his father instructed in a harsh,angry way using bad words(which was common to him)….
As boy had replied him early in anger..father said will u kill me?
The boy stood up and got a knife and cut his wrist..


Now think wht have been the mental condition of that child,
For so many years he has been hearing and feeling that everyday stress,shouting..
His mother using only badvwords to speak if he does anything wrong?(which in reality he did not)
Now i want to know whose fault was it?


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