Happy B’D@Y…..Bear

I know many of u surely know this guy…
His name is Bear Grylls.Today it’s his 42nd birthday.The undaunted adventurer and enthusiast who got fame from the discovery channel series Man vs Wild.


Here are some facts about him:
1. His legal name is Edward Michael Grylls.
“Bear” was a nickname given to him by his
sister shortly after he was born.
2. At 34, he became the youngest Chief Eagle
Scout in the history of the program.
3. In 1998, he held the Guinness World
Record for the youngest person to climb to
the top of Mount Everest, which he
conquered at 23.
Bear Grylls Reveals What It Was Like to
Take President Obama into the Wilderness
4. A year before the climb, he broke his back
in three places but made a full recovery in
time for the expedition.
5. He has authored 11 books. Most notable
is his teenage fiction series titled Mission
6. He has also partnered with Discovery
Channel on the creation and release of the
Man Vs. Wild video game, available on Wii,
Xbox and PlayStation.
7. He served in the Special Air Service
Reserve for three years.
8. He has a black belt in karate.
9. His first TV appearance was in a Sure for
Men deodorant commercial, which featured
his experiences from the Everest climb.
10. He has three sons; Marmaduke, Jesse
and Huckleberry. At just 7 years old, Jesse
saved a young girl from drowning in a river.



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