JNU takes action

JNU sedition row: Kanhaiya fined
Rs 10,000, Umar Khalid rusticated
for one semester

NEW DELHI: The Jawaharlal University has
imposed a fine of Rs 10,000 on its students’
union leader Kanhaiya Kumar and rusticated
fellow student Umar Khalid for one semester
for an event organised on February 9 where
anti-national slogans were allegedly raised.
Both were arrested and booked under sedition
charges and sent to Tihar Jail; the duo were
released on bail last month.
. . Based on high level enquiry committee
(HLEC), the university administration has
also taken strict action against 14 other
students including Mujeeb Gattoo and
Anirban Bhattacharya who were present
during the event where slogans praising
Parliament attack convict Afzal Guru were
allegedly raised.
. . According to a senior official of JNU,
Bhattacharya, Khalid and Gattoo, all PhD
scholars, have been rusticated. Bhattacharya
has been rusticated till July 15, 2016 and
from July 23, 2016 he has been ordered out
of bound from JNU campus for five years.
Apart from being rusticated, Khalid is has
also been slapped with a fine of Rs 20,000.
Gattoo has been rusticated for two
. .
Kumar and JNUSU joint secretary Saurabh
Sharma were been imposed a fine of Rs
10,000 each, but facing a more severe
punishment is former JNUSU president
Ashutosh Kumar who has been fined Rs
20,000 and hostel facility has been withdrawn
from him by the university. Another student
who will be denied hostel facility, but for a
shorter period (July 21, 2016) and a fine of
Rs 20,000 is Komal Mohite.
. . Among other students who are slapped with
a fine of Rs 20,000 are Rama Naga, Ananth
Kumar, Sweta Raj, Rubina and Chintu
Kumari. Two other persons Banojyotsna
Lahiri and Draupadi Gosh has been made out
of bound from campus for five years.
. . Kanhaiya was arrested on February 12, three
days after the controversial event and around
10 days later, Umar and Anirban resurfaced
on the varsity campus before surrendering to
. . The police had interrogated Kanhaiya, Khalid
and Anirban together for a day after which
they identified as many as 22 persons who
allegedly participated in the JNU event.
. . Both Kanhaiya and Umar had argued before a
Delhi court that they never raised any anti-
national slogans and claimed that video
footages showing them raising these slogans
were “false and doctored”.


3 thoughts on “JNU takes action

  1. Individual and Society

    I believe in the formula that differentiates the possible and the impossible. At the individual level you can think and do what you want to, as there is no one to prevent you from doing so. But when it comes to the society or state, there are two parties: one is you and the second comprises those who make up the society. Thus, if you want to follow the ideal in your individual life, you can do so without facing any obstacle. But if you try to change the society or state, that is bound to create confrontation with others. In this sense, imposing a particular ideal on society is impossible. Because although you seek to establish an ideal system, the result would be conflict and violence. Therefore, if you want to opt for change in society or state, then you are involving yourself in an impossible endeavour. To make social change a reality, social will is necessary. If society is not willing to accept the change, you cannot enforce or implement your system on it, because that would lead to opposition and conflict. If you want society to change, you will first have to create social will in favour of your system through peacefully educating people. If there is no social will to accept your system, then practical change cannot be brought about at all.

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