Where is God?


Where is God?Have u ever asked that question to urself? MANY of us have atleast one time…
Its answer has to be with the presence of god in our lives than with the belief of his existence..
I dont know truly what we do see in mosques,temples,church etc are the places of god where we can directly connect to him…
If he is why doesn’t he manifest himself and show his true presence



Where is God to whom we worship so much daily when we truly need him…
Does he likes humans to suffer when there are millions of peoples on our planet hungry..They dont have enough to eat,a place to live..
I don’t know that there is really truly some power like god..


For me Nature(living things that made our earth like plants,animals etc) is the only true God…
For as  only it gives us everything and  only have the ability to take from us .we need to respect nature coz nature is
What do u think?

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