PM Inaugurates 3 Major railway projects in Bihar

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated three
major railway projects in Bihar at an estimated
cost of 7000 crore rupees.
Three projects are
Rail-cum-road bridge at Patna over the River
Ganga: It is 4.56 km long.
Rail-cum-road bridge at Munger.
Additional bridge at Mokama over the River
Ganga: It is double line Railway Bridge.
These three bridges will provide connectivity to
north and south Bihar and further help in
development of North Bihar.
Currently there are three bridges over the entire
460 km length of the river Ganga in Bihar. They
are road bridge at Naugachia, a rail-cum-road
bridge at Mokama and road bridge Mahatma
Gandhi Setu at Patna.
The inadequate number of bridges had become
one of the reasons hindering the development of
Bihar which is one of the most populous state in
the country.



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