Prithvi-II Successfully Test Fired from Chandipur,Odisha


India successfully test-fired its
indigenously developed nuclear
capable Prithvi-II surface-to-surface
missile for a shortened range of 250
km as against its full range of 350
km as part of a user trial by the
army from a test range at
Chandipur in Odisha.
The missile was launched by
Strategic Forces Command (SFC)
from a road mobile launcher at
around 9.15 am. The missile after
nearly seven minutes splashed down
near the pre-designated target point
in the Bay of Bengal with a high
degree of accuracy. It was carrying
a dummy payload weighing 500 kg,
the missile met all the mission
Prithvi II is the first missile to be
developed by DRDO under India’s
prestigious IGMDP (Integrated
Guided Missile Development
About Prithvi-
Prithvi is a surface-to-surface
short-range ballistic missile (SRBM)
developed by DRDO of India under
the Integrated Guided Missile
Development Program. It is
deployed by India’s Strategic Forces
Command. The Prithvi missile
project encompassed developing 3
variants, i.e.
Prithvi I (SS-150) – Army Version
(150 km range with a payload of
1,000 kg)
Prithvi II (SS-250) – Air Force
Version (250 km range with a
payload of 500 kg)
Prithvi III (SS-350) – Naval Version
(350 km range with a payload of
1000 kg)
Dhanush- Dhanush is reportedly a
naval version of Prithvi which can be
launched from ships.



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