30-35 ft.Long Whale washes Ashore Juhu Beach Mumbai


A 25 feet dead whale washed ashore on Mumbai’s Juhu beach late on Thursday night.
According to reports, night joggers on the beach noticed the whale and informed officials.
The incident comes weeks after 45 short-finned pilot whales were stranded along a 15-km beach stretch in Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu.
While stranding of whales is not uncommon, mass beaching has baffled scientists for years. Whales, which are known to swim in large social groups, may sometimes follow a ‘disoriented’ leader and get beached.

Some ‘natural’ causes for whale beaching include following prey-rich water currents towards land or panicking at the presence of a mega predator such as a killer whale. Scientists also blame gently sloping shorelines that can deceive whales dependent on echolocation for navigation.
Climate change and unnatural weather phenomena have also been known to affect whales.



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