Snowflake Coral Discovered Off Coast of Thiruvananthpuram

About Snowflake Corals
The snowflake coral is native of the tropical Western Atlantic and Caribbean. For first in 1972 it was reported as an invasive species from Hawaii. Since then, it has spread to countries like Australia, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. It is considered an invasive species because it has capacity to dominate space and crowd out other marine organisms.

Recently scientists have discovered presence of invasive coral species named Carijoa riisei near the coast of Thiruvananthpuram and Kanyakumari.
They were discovered 10 metres depth of kovalam(Thiruvananthpuram) and 18 metres depth of Enayam(Kanyakumari).
It is capable of  dominating space and can led to crowding out to other marine organisms.carijoa1

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