Why do we need?

All the things that you buy to make yourself feel happier, does it really makes you feel happy? All the clothes,shoes so many non living things ,can make you happy? I was taught to be self contented not to be with any materialistic desires. People say they're fine no they are not, they're just lying [...]


It's been so long still I think,why do we cannot let go of someone or something,why do we have to keep on remembering the same past, why can't we let go of our attachments,why can't we just live freely,why can't we just live and play along with my present, there's this answer that I got [...]

Maine nhi sikha

Maine nahi sikha kisiko badnaam Karna, Maine nahi sikha ishq sareaam Karna, Mein sarhad pe marnewala woh aashiq hu, Jisne kabhi nhi sikha mohabbat ka izhaar Karna. Maine nahi sikha kisi ko badnaam Karna, Maine sikha beintaah watan se pyaar Karna, Mere lafz bhi kuch Sile hue hai, Isliye jaanta hu sajde mein watan ko [...]