Soldier’s diary..

My life for my nation,
Still you want to be mine,

I may be away from home for longtime,

I cannot give you a luxurious life,

Yes,but i can give you respect and love.

I may not be always with u,

But still we are connected somehow,

Everytime i get to see you,

I get amazed to know why you loved me,

There were so many who could’ve given you more,

But your mind & heart chose me ,

There’s always this question why me?

Balidaan Diwas.

Tomorrow,it is 23rd of march,the Balidaan Din(Day).

March 23 Balidan Diwas / Martyrs Day. This day year 1931, Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev attained Martyrdom . Though Politicians have long forgotten these revolutionaries but young generation will stand united in honoring their sacrifice. Their courage is so inspiring, when revolutionaries take up the gauntlet and fight for the noble cause, their rage and courage spreads as contagious among the masses . With their sacrifice these 3 revolutionaries have made us to think “Never ask what your mother land did for you , Ask what you can do for your country” .

Lets stand and pay floral tributes to these real Heroes of Indian Freedom Movement .


Tumhe mein dekhta nahi,

Is ka matlab ye nahi k mein tumhe chahata. Nahi,

Pata nahi kyun,kaise, kab tumse pyaar karne laga,

Par mera dil tumhein ye baat batata nahi.